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Why Not Just Do It Yourself?

It can be tempting for candidates to try to find jobs on their own, without having to rely on staffing professionals. And, admittedly, that works…. sometimes.

But reputable staffing firms — like AGA Legal Staffing — routinely make the hiring process, faster, less intimidating, and more likely to produce “matches” than trying to do it yourself. Bear in mind that staffing firms only make money when they land a job for a candidate and the candidate stays in their new position for a significant length of time. And staffing firms’ compensation is directly linked to the candidates’ compensation. Both the interest of the candidate and the staffing firm are perfectly aligned.

So, here is a partial list of reasons why it makes sense to use professional legal staffing services, rather than just struggling through overwhelming job board listing.

  1. We “do” hiring, day-in and day-out… and we have for many, many years. Our clients directly benefit from all our knowledge, training and experience.

  2. Often candidates have been off the market for years so they are not tuned into current hiring practices. Knowing current trends and opportunities is a crucial part of what we do.

  3. We have expert, non-public information on market forces, candidate availability and best practices.

  4. We can reveal to a prospective employer exactly why you feel you need to leave an existing job, without risking “bad mouthing” a present or former employer.

  5. We know what “sells,” and we offer expert guidance on resume drafting.

  6. We ensure that your resume goes directly to hiring partner or administrator, not just to some generic HR mailbox.

  7. We can quickly cut through the “noise” of job boards and get you in front the right person immediately.

  8. We can advocate for you during negotiations; there’s no chance that being firm or direct with an employer might alienate them.

  9. We have direct access to important, non-public information from the employer (including, for example, salary range, benefits and advancement opportunities).

  10. We can and do offer support and guidance, even after you land a job.

  11. Employers know and trust us. We have influence with them that no single applicant ever has. Using professional staffing services dramatically increases the odds of getting an off

And, best of all…

12. We’re free to candidates; employers pay all our fees.

Finding the right job at the right time is important and challenging. Relying on skilled, ethical staffing professionals gives you a huge edge.

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