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The Legal Recruitment Landscape is Rapidly Changing

The legal recruitment landscape is changing rapidly, and employers and applicants alike must stay abreast of the current trends in order to remain competitive.

Here are a few of the most prominent current trends in staffing and attorney legal recruiting:

1. Increased Emphasis on Diversity & Inclusion: There is mounting pressure on firms to show accountability for diversity and inclusion in their workforce. Employers are now expected to consciously create a more diverse workplace, and legal recruiting has shifted to focus on the recruitment of diverse and underrepresented talent to achieve this.

2. Increased Use of Social Media for Legal Recruiting: Social media platforms such as LinkedIn have become helpful to recruiters in finding and hiring legal talent. Be certain your LinkedIn profile page is completed and offers clear information about your experience and background.

3. Rise in the Usage of Specialized Legal Recruitment Agencies: In addition to law firm recruitment departments, the use of specialized legal recruiting agencies has been on the rise due to a lack of available talent. Legal recruiters offer innovative services and access to a wider pool of talent.

Given the heightened focus on diversity and inclusion, as well as traditional and alternative methods for legal recruiting, it is clear that legal recruiting is changing to meet the demands of employers and potential employees. With the right strategies, any law firm or legal professional can take advantage of the current trends to remain a competitive advantage.

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