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Happy Birthday…To US!

There’s a wise old expression about parenting: the years pass like months and the days pass like months. Boy, when you’re “in the moment,” it sometimes seems like time has stopped, and you’ll never move on. And then, suddenly, you look up and your “baby” is headed off to college.

Well, our “baby,” AGA Legal Staffing just turned 1. And our first year passed in the blink of an eye.

But we’re determined not to “rest on our laurels.” We’ve learned and grown immensely during our “freshman” year. And — though we sincerely wish we’d have known everything on day one that we know today — we’ve grown better and stronger, literally every day.

What’s special about AGA Legal Staffing is that we approach our business with both professionalism and humility. We generously apply best practices to everything we touch. But, we always assume that our “best” can be made even better.

As anyone who has tried to hire staff, or find a job certainly knows, the market for legal staffing has shifted dramatically during the last year. But those shifts haven’t impacted the bedrock of our business one bit — it’s all about service. To us, focusing on how we can best serve our clients, isn’t a fait accompli, it’s an exciting, on-going, daily opportunity to improve. We never stop asking ourselves how we can serve our clients even better?

We’re extremely proud of the prestigious relationships we have - many of which have lasted for decades (first with AGA’s predecessor and, now, in our "new and improved" incarnation). Those long-term clients — many of whom have used our services repeatedly, for years — know that, for us, “good enough, simply isn’t good enough.”

Going forward, we are not bracing for the “terrible twos.” To the contrary, we expect for the next year to be invigorating, challenging and enlightening. And, one thing is certain: during the coming year, we’ll continue striving to provide world-class, best-of-the-best service to every single client, to every placement, to literally everything we say and do.

We hope you’ll give us an opportunity to demonstrate for you that our commitment to service and excellence is about much more than just slogans — our heartfelt commitment is, always was, and always will be, to treat every engagement with the utmost care and conscientious attention.

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