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Recruiters Create Economic Value

Obviously, recruiters charge fees. Incurring those fees only makes business sense for a law firm, if the recruiter creates economic value that is substantially greater than the fees it charges.

AGA Legal Staffing creates significant economic value for our clients in many important ways:

  • Being able to respond quickly to time-sensitive staffing needs.

  • Avoiding the costs of advertising openings.

  • Avoiding wasting time of culling through a myriad of unqualified candidates.

  • Standing behind placements to ensure they are the right fit and the placement is durable.

  • Helping our clients assess exactly what skill set is needed to fill a specific position and having a deep understanding of the labor market for that skill set.

  • Vetting candidates’ backgrounds and references.

We have maintained healthy client relationships over many years and our clients engage us over and over specifically because we are honest and create economic value and provide top talent.

For most law firms, staff recruiting is not a core competency. At AGA Legal Staffing it is what we do. t is the only thing we do and we have been doing it successfully for over 20 years.

We are extremely proud of what our clients say about us. We call those testimonials, “raves.” We hope you will look at our raves and learn more about the satisfaction we have brought to our clients.

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